What is it?
MayhemEx is a Genmay specific extension created by me, I Robert I, to make the Genmay experience a bit more bearable. We all know it can be annoying at times what with all the namerapes and such, with MayhemEx you have the option of undoing or at least lessening the impact of these changes.
But, what about the Greasemonkey scripts?
My Greasemonkey scripts were the base for this extension. What this thing does is to basically wrap all of them up into one neat package. This gives me more control and makes it easier for you to keep things up to date. No more manual updates of the Denameraper, now that alone should be enough to make you change to this.
This also means that support for the Greasemonkey scripts will be dropped.
Feeling generous?
Awesome. Although I'm not demanding any money for this I do put in quite a few hours of work to get these things out to you. Bandwidth usage has also gone up which has forced me to upgrade my hosting a bit to keep up. So if you're feeling generous a small donation would be very much appreciated. Or click an ad or two at the bottom of the page.
Stop nagging me and let me install the damn thing
k, fine.
Install MayhemEx
example1 example2 example3
Just a few screenies showing some of the functionality. Features seen are Stickyfolders, Buddyhighlighter, UID titles, Denameraper, Old style threadstarter column and maybe something else I've missed.
Version history
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